I recently completed listening to an audio-book version of the book “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma. This, I would say for me is more of an inspiring book than a self-help one. The narrative of this book was unlike other books in this category that I’ve read so far. This book tells the story of two people struggling in their life and career, and they meet a mentor coincidentally who then teaches them to transform their life.

An artist and an entrepreneur are struggling in life and career, and they attend a self-help seminar where they meet a billionaire who offers to become their mentor. He takes both of them on a tour of some of the amazing places in the world. Along the journey, he teaches life lessons that included insights on the true meaning of happiness, what it takes to be successful in life, and how to create a balance in life. Life is not just about earning a lot of money, working so hard that you do not have a social life, and focusing only on one aspect that you miss out on other elements life has to offer. Life is not just to survive but to experience. Traveling, listening to beautiful music, performing acts of kindness, being weird and yourself, and stepping out of your comfort zone are some of the things that help you live such an experience.

I am not much of a writer and my summarization cannot do justice to everything that is in the book. My one major takeaway from the book is the 20/20/20 rule that I try to apply in my life. This rule proposes to divide your first hour in the morning after you wake up into three blocks of 20 minutes–first 20 minutes for cardio exercise, second 20 minutes to meditate and reflect on your life, and the last 20 minutes to learn things that you do not have time to learn otherwise or you think will help you to become better in your work/career. To be in the “5 AM Club”, you have to start your day by waking up at 5 AM and start with this 20/20/20 rule. It was a challenge for me and I try to wake up at 6 AM instead. In the beginning, waking up at 6 AM was difficult for me, and felt tired throughout the day. However, after few weeks, it was not that difficult. I could feel the change in me and am hoping to continue this routine. I would strongly suggest you give this early morning routine a try. Thank you for making it till the end. 🙂

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